Industrial and commercial energy

US Industrial and Commercial Energy Services

US Industrial and Commercial Energy Services

As American citizens, we require energy to run our commercial enterprises. In 2023, the majority of US businesses are relying heavily on commercial electricity to meet their energy requirements. Due to the enormous need for industrial and commercial energy, various US energy companies are providing commercial energy services. So in this article, we will outline all the crucial services that you should use.

What are Commercial Energy Services?

Due to the fact that commercial energy is a necessity for all enterprises, there are numerous energy services in 2023. To operate enormous amounts of gear and equipment, industries require a lot of electricity. So these services play an important role in your business for its prosperity and growth.

  1. Commercial Energy Audit
  2. Energy Management System
  3. Energy Efficiency Plan

Commercial Energy Audit

The evaluation of a building’s energy consumption is called a commercial energy audit.

Simply said, a commercial energy audit finds the most efficient ways to cut energy use in your building which lowers your electricity bills. This audit is quite beneficial if you are willing to lower your energy wastage and increase your profitability. An accurate description of how, where, and when electricity is consumed in your building is provided by a commercial energy audit, together with information on current electric costs and how electricity rates apply to the facility and its uses.

A commercial energy audit is of the most crucial commercial energy services which will enable you to decrease your energy bill instantaneously.  The question “How much does a commercial energy audit cost?” may be on your mind now. A basic professional commercial energy audit which is called a “Level One audit” costs around $100 to $150. But a comprehensive (in-depth) professional commercial energy audit which is called a “Level two audit” costs around $300 to $600.

Energy Management System

An Energy Management System (EMS) is a framework used by energy consumers that offers energy consumption over all the devices in a building.

To put it simply, the energy consumption of a building can be decreased while still operating effectively with the help of an energy management system. Well, this service is the most important industrial and commercial energy service which is quite beneficial for commercial buildings. In 2023, An EMS deployment requires specific knowledge and professional training to be successful with maximum effectiveness.

Now let’s move on to the most anticipated question regarding the cost of an energy management system (EMS). Well, the implementation of EMS in a commercial building can cost from $1000 to $100000 depending on the number of devices in your building.

Energy Efficiency Plan

The Energy Efficiency Plan encourages the best possible utilization of energy for heating, cooling, and lighting, which can be accomplished by a number of methods that optimize and regulate energy consumption in a facility.

So, an energy efficiency plan is the last commercial energy service that you can get for your facility to get optimal energy utilization. This involves devising a strategic energy plan based on expert analysis of your commercial building. This plan is quite budget friendly compared to other commercial energy services. So, you can simply utilize this professional plan to control your unnecessary energy usage and decrease your electricity bill.


So this concludes our energy blog, which covers all the services that commercial energy companies provide. All these services are readily available in all deregulated states of the US. If you want any of these services than “US Energy Discounts is here to assist you.

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