the lifespan of solar panels

How often do solar panels need to be replaced?

The standard lifespan of most of the solar panels from industry is approximately 25 to 30 years. It depends upon the manufacturing company that gives a warranty on the system. Production Warranty from the different well-known and reputed manufacturers is a maximum of 25 years or sometimes more. For energy from your solar system, the standard break-even point is a maximum of six to ten years after installation. this standard can vary for both commercial Solar panels and cheap Solar Panels.

Major Factors that effort the lifespan of solar panels

Many factors affect the life span of your energy system. These issues raise the question of how frequently solar panels should be replaced. These factors are beyond your control and mainly some of them are:

  • Climate
  • Extreme weather
  • Wrong location
  • Low sunlight area
  • Low-quality material
  • Improper cleaning

Cause for the short lifespan of solar panels in the US

Basically many causes for the short lifespan of sunlight powered systems by the sun in the US. Some are given below:

  1. Normal wear and tear
  2. Exposure to high UV rays
  3. Adverse weather conditions
  4. Heavy Snowfall on your energy system

How to increase the lifespan of Solar panels

For keeping the energy system efficiently working there are some steps and tips which can extend the lifespan of plates. These are given below:

1) Regular Cleaning of Solar Panels

Firstly, make sure that there should not be any kind of dust or particles on the surface of the plates. If it exists then remove them on an immediate basis because it can reduce the capability to produce electricity. Try to clean solar plates at least one time a week.

2) Remove sharp Objects

Also, make sure that there should not be any kind of sharp object near plates because it is very dangerous and can destroy all systems.

Sharp objects and their consequences are given below:

  • Rocks
  • Solid material
  • Steel pipes
  • Concrete pillars
  • Bricks

If due to rocks and such materials panels are damaged then definitely it can increase the chances of replacement and repairs. As well as decrease the lifespan of plates and their working efficiency.

3) Wash Solar Panels Monthly

Make sure or make it a habit to check your plates and wash them monthly with water if you feel that is necessary. Because sometimes particles of sand and dirt cover the plates. If you live in a snowy area then brush off the snow that covers the surface.

4) Frequently Inspection of solar panels

Frequent inspection will also make your plates more efficient and its result will directly affect the performance of the plates.

5) Shelter Solar panels during extreme situations

For avoiding physical damage to your plates shelter them, and cover them during any kind of harsh weather and storming situation for avoiding any kind of damage.
Try to take precautions in advance, and it will be possible just that when you make sure the confirmation of the weather forecast is regular. These above precautions will increase the efficiency of energy from the sunlight system.

6) Must Use a Backup Battery for your solar systems

A battery is used to store excess energy. Therefore, you must use a battery backup for your energy from the sunlight system it will increase the efficiency of your plates. It is extra security against outages and increases the performance of plates.


Solar panel systems are environmentally friendly as well as cost-efficient and this is the best source of regular energy service for your house. But you must make sure that energy from the sun must be secure from any kind of physical damage and always try to use good quality panels rather than cheap ones. The time we discussed above in this article about the cleaning of plates must be kept in mind and make sure the cleaning of the sunlight energy system is regular. As well make sure that plates must be for from hard rocks etc. If you want to get cheap solar panels than contact “US Energy Discounts“.

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