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New Electricity Rates In Ohio (Updated March 2023)

In recent years, Ohio has been making significant changes to its energy landscape as it is an energy deregulated state. The energy prices keeps on fluctuating, particular focusing on transitioning towards more sustainable and efficient energy sources. As part of this effort, the state’s electricity rates have recently undergone a significant overhaul, aimed at encouraging consumers to reduce their energy consumption during peak hours, when demand is highest.

These changes have generated considerable interest and discussion among Ohio residents and businesses. As they seek to understand how the new rates will impact their energy bills and what steps they can take to reduce their costs. In this context, it is essential to examine the key aspects of the new electricity services in Ohio. We’ll explain the new energy rate list and their implications for consumers and the state’s energy future.

New Electricity Policy In OH

The OHIO government has announced AEP auction results. These results have shown new electricity rates in Ohio. On the basis of these results, the government has to establish a new electricity-increasing policy for the year 2023 to 2024, This new electricity-increasing policy will apply very soon. Different sources have identified that the policy will be applied on March 20, 2023. According to this policy, rates of electricity will be increased from June 2023 to onwards June 2024.

Increase in Electricity Prices in Ohio

The Government has decided to increase the rates of electricity up to 65 percent from June 2023 to 2024. The rates will be increased up to 65% from $.065/kWh to $0.1027/kWh. This is the most authentic electricity rate list for both residential and commercial consumers in OH, USA.


Us Energy Discounts” has covered all the essential points regarding the new price list. The government of OH took this step of increasing prices of electricity for both sectors including residential and commercial. This decision is based on the results of the AEP auction. The energy rates have increased due to the increasing demand for electricity. For any further queries, kindly contact our customer service or let us know in the comment section.

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